Tuesday July 2nd

Don’t forget the baseball game is tomorrow night! Schedule for TOMORROW is as follows.
Normal hours for all morning classes. Night classes 4pm and shortened 5pm only! There are 65 people going to the game plus all the coaches, gym closes right at 5:45 TOMORROW

Warm up-
8 Minutes with a partner
Partner 1 bikes or rows for a minute
Partner 2 does 10 Pass Throughs with a pvc and 5 Overhead squats

Skill/strength 15 Minutes
Work on lighter sets of 4 overhead squats- get at least 5 sets in. *you can add in front squats if your overhead squat needs work

4 Rounds
17 OH Walking lunges (45/25 Plate)
7 Ring Dips
6 Thusters 135/95