Tuesday January 25th

5 Rounds
50 Single Unders
15 PVC Overhead Squats
*Rounds 3-5, Athletes may switch to Double Unders and Empty Bar OHS

For speed:
Overhead Squat
Rest a couple minutes between rounds
The goal is to choose a weight for each set that allows you to move it continuously with minimal stopping, not a 20RM.

AMRAP 2 Minutes x 4
200′ Sandbag Bear Hug Carry 150/100lbs
Max Bar Muscle Ups in remaining time
Rest 2:00

Feel: Muscular Overload

Pacing: Reach

Target Score: 1+ Minute for gymnastics at the end of the round, 4+ reps

Firebreather Score: 1+ Minute for gymnastics at the end of the round, 8+ reps


  • Bear Hug Carry: Hug Bumper Plates (1-2 plates) to the chest, KB Front Rack Carry (Heavy), or Farmers Carry if sandbags aren’t available. Keep the carry heavy, but should never exceed 1:00.
  • BMUs: If BMUs are not consistent, consider scaling to the most difficult pulling gymnastics option available (Chest to bar, chin over bar, or banded strict pull ups/ring rows).

Coach Focus: The goal for today’s piece is to allow athletes a minimum of 1 minute with the gymnastics that end each round so that athletes can practice their gymnastics under localized muscular fatigue (arms/grip). Today’s class will have a very large range of scores, but the important facet is that athletes have 1+ Minutes each round to practice a challenging gymnastics movement. Coaches can use this session to help athletes get their 1st Bar Muscle Up, build confidence and consistency in athletes who need it, or allow athletes to work on building volume (which may mean scaling to pull ups