Tuesday February 8th


Tuesday February 8th

6 Minute C2 Machine
0:00-3:00-Forever Pace
3:00-5:00-Sustain Pace
5:00-6:00-Reach Pace

Split Jerk Warm Up
20 Band Pull Aparts (10 palms up, 10 palms down)
10 Plank Shoulder Taps (ASlowAP)
10 Strict Presses
10 Push Press
5 Empty Bar Split Jerks, Pause in the catch

Build up a little past your 50 percent for the wod, then take weights off and leave on 50 percent for your first round of the wod

AMRAP 24 Minutes
20/15 Calorie C2 Machine (Row/ski preference)
1 Split Jerk*
*Start at ~50% of 1RM and add weight each round
Bar is taken from the rack

Competitor extra. Head outside for this one so you dont run over into the next class

5 Rounds
5 Front Squats 70%+
11 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20″
Rest 1:00
*Athletes can add weight if they are able to stay UB on the Front Squats. Percentage is based on Squat Clean max and is taken from the floor.