Tuesday February 2nd

Warm up
3 rounds
5 Power position power cleans
5 hang power cleans
5 squat cleans from the shin
5 split jerk

Dont be afraid to throw a little weight on

Strenght/skill – Build to your wod weight for the workout. Focus on form, work up to your wod weight in a few sets so you are comfortable picking it up during the wod

5 Rounds15/12 Calorie AAB or row or ski
10 toes to bar or 15 Sit ups
1 Clean and Jerk 80-90%
Rest 3:00
*not every workout is race. Focus on the lift, don’t rush your set up. Working around 90 percent is going to be tough.

Extra- There should be time for this and you will be plenty warm
Thruster 12-12-12
You’ll have your weight outs so get after this one. Goal of this is to pretty up your movements at metcon weights (65,45 95/65, 115/75, 135/95)
Pick a weight where you can get 12 unbroken but challenging thrusters.