Tuesday February 26th

Warm up-Run 800 with a wall ball (morning classes run 4X200 so we dont bring all the dirt in the gym)
40 partner wall balls, bounce it off the target to each other
Then 10 strict presses with and empty bar

Fran or Strict Fran or dumbbell fran (3 very different workouts, pick your poison)
Thrusters 95/64
pull ups **Ring row sub is 42-30-18

Pick the scaling that keep you moving. no band assisted pull ups today, switch to ring rows if don’t have your pull ups yet
This workout is meant to be fast. If you can’t do more than 5 strict pull ups without dropping stay with kipping.

** There will be plenty of time after class so try this with a partner
8 rounds (4 sled pushes each, 4 planks each)
1 partner sled pushes a heavy sled while the other holds a plank. switch every round