Monday February 25th

If you need to do the open wod, arrange for a judge before you get to class. set up towards the front of the room, rowers inside the rig so you are out of the way of class.

Warm up-Teams 3-
one on the bike, one doing burpees, one holding a plank. 9 minutes total. do this as a group. switch every minute. you will be at each station 3 times.

Please warm up with very light weight. then start at about 60 percent of your 1 rep max. do 6 sets of 5 increasing your weight each round.

Wod- we will quickly review the power clean right before the wod, we want you to build up to your working weight for the wod.

wod option 1 heavy option- 4 rounds for time
5 Muscle ups
Run 200
5 Power cleans 225/155
Run 200

Wod option 2 4 rounds for time, lighter and faster
12 Pull ups or 16 ring rows
Run 200
10 Power cleans 135/95
run 200

*if you want to do option 1 pick a weight where you have to do singles on the cleans. its supposed to be that heavy

*if you want to do option 2 pick a weight where you can do at least 5 of the reps every round “touch and go”