Tuesday August 17th

1:00 Squat Hold
20 Leg Swings (Front-to-back)
2:00 Calf Mash *share the rollers
20 Leg Swings (Side-to-Side)
20 Cossack Squats (10 each direction)
300m Run*
pay attention to your time on this run, use this run to calibrate your speed for the MetCon

Wod 1
uh oh
Rotating, in teams of 3 for 10 Minutes
3 Pause medball Squats 150/100
*Pause is 1-second If no Sandbags, use two KBs or DBs 70/53lbs in the front rack hold

Wod 2
Every 2 Minutes for 18 Minutes
300m Run

Feel: Cardio
Pacing: Sustain
Target Score: Sub :90 for all Rounds
Firebreather Score: Sub :60 for all Rounds
Scaling Keep all round under :90 of work so athletes have rest and can repeat. C2 Machine would be the preference over AAB for today’s cardio work if running isn’t possible. Only athletes with injuries or who are at risk for injury should be using a machine, otherwise get athletes on their feet