Monday August 16th

Warm up
3 Rounds building in weight on your back squat
5 Pull ups
10 push ups
10 Back squats

Strength- short and sweet
2 sets of 9 back squats

Back Squat2x9
First set should be a moderate weight set, second is AHAP. May climb between working sets. Heavier than last time (July 28)

AMRAP 24 Minutes
15/10 Calorie Row or ski
25′ HS Walk or 2 Wall Walks
50′ Farmers Carry 50-70lbs/hand

Scaling Row: 200m Run

HS WalK: 2 Wall Walks
Farmers Carry: AHAP but able to walk 25’ UB. Rx athletes should be close to 70/50 in each hand. Use DBs, KBs,