Tuesday August 13th

Warm up- 5 minutes of bike or row
Then one round together reviewing points of performance and 2 on your own
10 Deadlifts
10 Push jerks
10 Front Squats

Get your team ready and bar ready. Try to keep it to 1 bar per team. If thats not possible, not more than 2 bars per team. We will time cap this wod. If one teammate can not run they row until the other two teammates are back from the run

Teamed Up Tuesday:
Teams of 3
400m Team Slamball Run
60 Deadlifts(115/85)
60 Front Squats
60 Push Jerks
400m Team Slamball Run
50 Deadlifts(135/95)
50 Front Squats
50 Push Jerks
400m Team Slamball Run
40 Deadlifts(155/105)
40 Front Squats
40 Push Jerks
400m Team Slamball Run
30 Deadlifts(175/125)
30 Front Squats
30 Push Jerks