Monday August 12th

Warm Up-
5 minute Amrap Partners
200 M run to together
10 wall balls over the rig together
Have fun, go fast

Skill/Strength 16 Minute Amrap
Minute 1- 10 Hang power cleans from the Knee
Minute 2-15 Push ups
Minute 3-4 squat cleans *increase weight each round and use this as your warm up for the workout
Minute 4 – 10 ring rows as difficult as you can make them for yourself.
*You can add weight as you are going, use this as your warm up

The wod today is a Sprint. Pick the option you can take minimal breaks on

Version 1
Ring Muscle Ups
Squat Cleans 185/135

Version 2
Chest to bar pull ups (sub pulls up, jumping pull ups, banded pull ups, ring rows)
Squat cleans 115/75

Finisher after the wod
10 Minutes Emom
Even minutes 15 tire hits
Odd minutes as many Russian twists as possible in a minute