Tuesday April 2nd

Warm up and skill work:
15 Min EMOM
1-6 Banded PVC Lat Pulls
2- 10 Kip Swings
3-5 Pull ups
4- 5 Hip To Bar
10 Mins Muscle up practice If you don’t have muscle ups we will help you with the right progressions.
If you don’t have pull ups, we will work on strict pull ups.
-If you do have muscle ups make this 10 minutes a muscle ups emom, choose between one and 4 per minutes depending on your current skill level

When finished get your weights ready and start warming up your squat for the wod
WOD: For Time
10 Back Squats (145/115)
400m Run
8 Back Squats (165/135)
200m Run
6 Back Squats (185/155)
100m Run
4 Back Squats (215/185)