Tuesday April 23rd

3 Sets, For Quality
30 Jump Rope Practice
10 Hollow Rocks
10 second Hollow Hold
10 Deadlifts, add weight each round
10 Scapular Pull-Ups

Workout first today. Push up test second

15:00 minute EMOM: For Completion
Minute 1: 15 Deadlifts ***** weight will go up, reps will go down the next 4 rounds
Minute 2: 10/8 Strict Pull-Ups
Minute 3: 75 Double Unders
Barbell Loads:
set 1-50 percent
set 2-55 percent
set 3-65 percent
set 4 70 percent
set 5 75 percent
We saw a most of you max out deadlift last week! Great work.
note that we should be sharing bars today for the amount of weight being lifted by the end here and
possibly for space purposes on the floor for dubs and on the rig for pull-ups. We can start on any
station today in order to keep this to a 15:00 minute time frame.

Push up test

Daily Finisher / Bodyweight Stamina Test
10 Sets For Time
15/10 Unbroken Push-Ups
Rest as needed
Level 2:
10 Sets x Unbroken Reps
Rest 1:00 minute between sets
Level 1:
10:00 minute EMOM
5-10 Elevated or Band Assisted Push-Ups