Thursday September 24th

Warm up
3 Rounds
Run 200m
10 Ring rows
10 knee raises

Grab a barbell
2 Rounds
Minute 1- 10 Clean grip high pulls and 10 power position power cleans
Minute 2- 8 power cleans from the knee
Minute 3 4 from the shin, pausing at the knee and the power position PLUS 4 from the shin with no pause

Strength 14 minutes Every other minutes on the minutes
1 High pull
1 Hang pos power clean
2 Power cleans from the floor

4 Rounds For Time
10 Power Cleans 155/115
400m Run
2 Rope climbs

*sub in 6 pull ups and 6 knee raises or toes to bar for rope climbs
*400m run will be enough of a divider to free up the ropes. If all the ropes are taken when you get in, one will open shortly… don’t panic, its not a crisis.