Friday September 25th

First 5 minutes of class for the warm up will spent on jump rope working on doubles or triples.
2 Rounds
10 good mornings
8 empty bar deadlifts (4 seconds up, 4 seconds down)
6 Burpees

5 sets of 5 deficit deadlifts standing on a plate, work around 70 percent of your max for all 5 sets

14 Minute Amrap
20 doubles or 40 singles
8 Deadlifts 275/185
6 Burpees over your bar
Run 200

Looks pretty simple right? Whether you have your doubles/rx weight or not this is a really good time to practice pushing yourself on the run. too often we use the run as rest. Just a little extra push on the run can really up your overall fitness and workout scores. Your heart rate will be through the roof when you step outside to run. Control your breathing, don’t hunch over when you run, don’t shuffle your feet. Keep your hips underneath you with a tall chest. At a 200m distance do not allow yourself to walk.