Thursday September 20th


Thursday September 20th

Warm Up-
snatch Progressions
0-2 minutes 10- Power Position Power Snatch
0-4 Minutes 8 Hang position power snatch
4-6 Minutes 6 Snatch from the shin into full snatch or power + overhead sqauat

14 Minutes to work on snatches from the floor, build up to a one rep max if you want


4 rounds, each for time, of:
Bike 1 mile

Rest as needed between efforts.
Use a stationary bike or find a 1-mile course to repeat each round.

Scroll for scaling options.

3 to 6 minutes plus is how long it takes most people to bike a mile. Partner up with someone that bikes about as fast as you. rest is not timed. go when you feel fully recovered. you should be hating life after this workout. If you are talking while on the bike………………..  you are going way too slow.


CrossFit WOD 180315 Tips With Jason Ackerman

Rest enough between rounds so that each effort can be performed at high intensity. Intermediate athletes can perform this as prescribed. Beginners can reduce the rounds and distance.

Beginner Option
3 rounds, each for time, of:
Bike ½ mile
Rest as needed between efforts.