Thursday October 8th


Thursday October 8th

Snatch Warm up. yup. we are snatching twice this week
Snatch progression warm up then the following emom.

You wont be working near your maxes but we want you to start with weight and add weight as you go. add weight for each different position.
EMOM 12 Minutes
Minute 0-4 : 3 Power Position Snatch
Minute 4-8 : 2 Hang Snatch
Minute 8-12 : 1 Below Knee Snatch

16 Minutes Every other minute on the minute (8 Rounds)

7 Toes To Bar or 7 knee raises or 10 sit ups
12 Wall balls 20/14
With the remainder of the 2 minutes do burpee box step overs 24/20
*only jump if you are 100 percent sure you are going to make your jump, jump or step up is rx. Don’t risk falling on box jumps
*score is burpee box step/jump overs

If you don’t finish the toes to bar and wall balls in 2 minutes, take the next 2 minutes off so you can make it the next round

Scaling would be a lighter wall ball and scaling back the toes to bar to a different movement above. Do a practice round of this because we can also scale by reducing reps.