Friday October 9th

Warm up
3 Rounds
Run 200
10 empty bar back squats
*If you are here early roll out those legs and get some air squats holds in to get ready for these back squats

5×5 back squats at 90 percent of your new 5 rep max
*do a few warm up sets of 2 or 3 reps building up to your backsquat weight then get after it.

16 Minute Amrap
12 Ground to overhead (snatch or clean and jerk) 95/65
10 Front Rack lunges
8 Handstand Push ups
6 Ring Muscle ups

16 Minute Amrap
12 Ground to overhead at a lighter weight
10 lunges with your bar or with 2/1 dumbbells
8 Db push press or inverted hspu from a box or 30 sec handstand hold
6 Chest to bar pull ups/pull up/or ring ring rows and 6 ring dips banded or not banded

*two higher skill movements paired with manageable weighted movement. After a weight/squat heavy this is the type of wod where it wouldn’t be a bad idea to practice that next level of skill and not worry about your final score.
Example. If you always use dumbbell presses for a handstand push up sub try inverted handstand push ups off a box. yes it takes a little longer to get on and off the box but you are practicing getting upside down.
If ring or bar muscle ups are something you are still working on give the bar muscle ups off a box a try.
*what if you are comfortable getting 1 or 2 muscle ups a round? Go ahead and change the number from 6 to 2 and get through rounds or do 1 or 2 without a band then hop into the band.
*working on pull ups still? change it up. If you are always banded or on rings switch to jumping and concentrate on letting yourself down slower. control the negative part of it.
It’s ok to SLOW IT DOWN some days. Yes intensity is king, but longevity is the ultimate goal. 5 or 6 days a week of all out metcons isn’t sustainable. Most people will end up self regulating because your body wont let you hit the wods friday as hard as you hit them monday. I totally understand the 5 or 6 days on, 1 day off schedule and not getting or even wanting that mid-week rest day, just keep in mind it’s ok to slow a couple of these workouts down and treat them more as skill sessions.