Thursday October 15th

Warm up
3 Rounds
6 empty bar tempo back squats 3 up 3 down
6 steps sampson stretch
6 Pull ups

Here we go again…..
find a new 5 rep max back squat. as this will be getting heavier we are going to allow a little more time for this. attack it. couple bigger sets of light weight then a few sets of 2 or 3 building up to your new 5 rep max.
Will you hit a new 5 rep for the third time in 3 weeks? We believe you can!

10 Minutes *score is farmer carries, every 100m is a point
40 deadlifts 225/155
15 Burpee muscle ups or burpee pull ups
Max 100m intervals farmer carries 70/53
*sub 20 burpee pull ups for Muscle ups
*scale the muscle ups to pull ups. scale the deadlift weight to something you can do AT LEAST sets of 10 on. looking for 2 minutes or less total work time on the deadlifts, then 2-4 minutes on the muscle ups or pull ups, leaving you around 5 Minutes of farmer carries… which is a lot of time to farmer carry.

5 Rounds
10 Weighted sit ups
100m single arm overhead carry (50m right hand 50m left hand)
1 minutes plank