Friday October 16th

Warm up
Barbell warm up for Clean and Jerk

Ok, we work on cleans a lot. we worked on split jerks Monday. Let’s put them together and get some nice heavy clean looking lifts today.
20 minutes to work on a heavy power clean or squat clean and jerk. Build up and get 4 or 5 fairly heavy lifts in. not going for maxes today unless you are feeling really good. go as heavy as you can go without missing or compromising form/technique

8 Minutes Amrap
30 double unders
8 R-arm DB Snatch 70/50
30 double unders
8 L-arm DB Snatch 70/50

Rest 4 Minutes

8 Minute Amrap
6 Weighted box step ups 70/50
8 Right arm DB thrusters 70/50
6 Weighted box Step Ups
8 Left arm DB thrusters