Thursday June 30th

3 Rounds Waterfall style team of 4
200m Row
100m Empty Sled Push
*Resting partners sit in the bottom of a squat


AMRAP 30 Minutes
Teams of 4
– 200m Empty Sled Push/Run
– Row for Distance
– Rest
– Rest One athlete performs a 200m empty sled push whilie 1 athlete rows and the other 2 rest. Once the sled push is complete, athletes rotate in the line, so athletes should have a 1:1 work:rest. Empty sled is intended to be light enough to run with. Score is the team’s cumulative distance rowed.

Stimulus: N/A Rest: N/A
Coach Focus: N/A
Additional Notes/Resources: N/A
Feel: Cardio/Gas Pacing: Reach
Target Score: 6500m+ Firebreather Score: 7500m+
–  Sled: If sleds are limited, a burden run carrying a 50/35lb DB or odd object
works well.
–  Row: If rowing machine are limited, max distance on any machine.
Coach Focus: Two athletes work while two athletes rest. When the sled push athlete returns, they move to the rower, rowing athlete moves to the rest station, and resting athletes rotate up making this a 1:1 work:rest interval. Sled push will vary from surface to surface and depending on the sled, but athletes should generally be able to run while pushing their sled for 75% of the total distance. The sled duration should be in the 1:15-2:30 range, but any longer than that and the distance may need to be scaled.