Thursday July 28th

5:00 Row, air bike, or jog @ Easy-Moderate Pace Then
3 Rounds
5 Strict Hanging Knee Raises
50’ Empty Sled Run (don’t sprint – move quickly)
15 Air Squats w/ Glute Band around knees

Back Squat 3-3-2-2-1-1
Within ~1:00 after each set, perform an 80′ Empty Sled Sprint.
Start at 80-85% and add weight each set.
Goal: all three singles are 90-100% (may go for 1RM if it’s feeling good)
This is the second to last back – retest will
be NEXT week, not in week 7!

Pick 1-4

  • Pigeon Pose, 2:00/side
  • Couch Stretch, 2:00/side
  • Saddle Pose, 2:00
  • Dragon Pose, 2:00/side then,
    Foam Roll Quads, Glute, Hamstrings