Friday July 29th

2 Steady Rounds
20 Russian KB Swings 53/35lbs
:20 Handstand Hold
5-8 Strict Pull ps or Ring Rows
200m Air Bike

3 Rounds
1:00 Max Rep Ring Rows
:30 Rest
1:00 Max Strict Ring Dips
:30 Rest
Ring Row: use a difficult that allows for a set of 15+ to start.

Ring Dip: must be able to perform 5+ perfect strict reps to start, otherwise perform bench dips or
push ups.

Goal is the same or more reps th t 2 weeks
ago with less rest between sets.

AMRAP 7 Minutes
50′ HS Walk
20 Double DB/KB Deadlifts 70s/50s

Stimulus: Stamina Rest: As Prescribe

Coach Focus: Today we are doing a slight audible on the pressing/pulling gymnastic with two
different pressing/pulling movements being used. Note the scaling advice in the workout cell to the
left. As with all of the other weeks, focus is on QUALITY not merely “checking the box”.
Additional Notes/Resources: 2 Ways to Scale Ring Dips
Feel: Muscle Overload Pacing: Sustain
Target Score: 3-5 Rounds Firebreather Score: 7+ rounds

  • HS Walk: Reduce to as few as 10’ of HS Walking or scale to 2-4 Wall Walks, using the CrossFit
    Open standard
  • DBL DL: Looking for a weight that is challenging but can be done in 3 sets or less for the whole

Coach Focus: Should be a fairly quick back and forth where most athletes’ shoulders will be the
limiting factor. Target score is 4+ rounds for everyone, and 7+ for the fittest (faster than EMOM).
Deadlifts should be able to be done as 1 set, but athletes may break it up strategically. Scale HS
Walks to 2 wall walks or reduced distance, but for athletes who cannot walk proficiently, they
should perform wall walks. Today is not a great day to o practice HS Walking – either
they HS walk or wall walk.