Thursday July 16th

Warm up
4 Rounds
Run 200
build up speed through the 4 rounds
10 Walking lunges
10 butt kicks
10 High knees
**Get a few 10 meter practice sprints in, you don’t want to go into sprints not having warmed up

Remember this one??

Death by shuttle sprints
With a continuously running clock perform:
Shuttle Sprint 10 m in the first 1 min
Shuttle Sprint 10 m + 10 m in the second 1 min
Shuttle Sprint 10 m + 10 m + 10m in the third 1 min

Score is last mintue completed

Go as many rounds as possible until you cant finish your sprints in the minute allowed
***Can sub out death by bike or rower cals but don’t automatically pick that option. if you can run try the run. If you are injured and can’t run, don’t run.
**Pick one weakness to work on after class