Thursday January 28th


Thursday January 28th

Warm up is a barbell warm up for snatches.
We would like you to do snatches for the workout but if injury is preventing that another way to to get the bar overhead is to clean and jerk it. Just don’t avoid snatching because you dont like it.

Wod- The workout is NOT necessarily for time. Not looking for sloppy form on your lifts. SLOW DOWN and make your lifts look pretty.

We are going to take about 20 minutes to work on snatches before class

Not necessarily For Time
Row or Ski 1,000m
15 Bar Muscle Ups
12 Squat Snatches 155/110lbs
Row or Ski 1,000m
9 Bar Muscle Ups
6 Squat Snatches 185/130lbs

Remember scaling is cool. We would much rather people see people scale and keep moving then see you missing muscle ups, ripping your hands, missing lifts.

-Scaling for Muscle ups would be reducing reps or modifying to jumping BMU, chest to bar pull ups, or Burpee CTB Pull Up, or getting as many muscle ups as you can, if even if they are singles, then switching to a band or pull ups
-Scaling for snatch is by weight or in the event of shoulder problems switch to squat clean and jerk.