Thursday January 21st

Warm Up-

2 Rounds
10 Ring Rows
10 3-Count Pause OHS Squats
12 lunges
12 A frame toe touches

3 sets of 12 push press
The goal with this strength today is to be proficient with barbell cycling MetCon weights, not maximal loads. Athletes should be working on “prettying up” their barbell movement. One moderately heavy set of 12 unbroken push press, cycling them quickly. Test your limits of how quickly you can cycle 12 reps with your best technique.

13 Minutes
6 OHS 135/95lbs
8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
10 Alternating Pistols
*scaling the pistol. Preserve the range of motion. Everyone should have some form of a 1 leg squat. Hold on to something, off a box, one foot behind the other.

OHS: Looking for 1 set for the majority of the workout, substitute with front squat if you struggle with mobility
Chest to bar: 2 sets or less, or modify to chin over bar or jumping pull ups