Thursday February 23rd


3:00 Machine of choice


Alt. EMOM 6 Minutes
1- 10 Empty bar clean and press
2- 15 Wall Balls Unbroken
3- Shuttle runs*

*start slow with a focus on technique, build in speed
each round

 ~ : 10 STRENGTH

Coaches will start a 10 minute clock. Athletes will warm up to 70% of the 1RM Power Clean+Jerk, or the lighter of the two lifts.

~ :20 EMOM 10 Minutes

1 Power Clean + Split Jerk @ 70-85% 1RM
Begin at 70%. Build as desired, not exceeding 85%.
Final set is performed at 70% Based on Power Clean+Jerk, or the lighter of the
two lifts.

:40 WOD

AMRAP 3 minutes x 2

7 Shuttle Runs
10 Front Squats 95/65lbs

Rest 1:00 between AMRAPs.

1 shuttle = 25′ out and back

Restart with Shuttle Runs on the second AMRAP.

Score is rounds + reps from the 2nd AMRAP ONLY.

Pacing: Sustain

Target Score: Minimum 2 rounds per AMRAP


– Shuttle Runs: Should not exceed 1:00 at any point, Scale with 15/10 Calorie C2

Machine in the instance of injury

– Front Squats: Should allow for unbroken sets every round. Can be modified to a

DB Front Squat, Goblet Squat or Air Squat if needed