Thursday February 1st

3 Sets, For Quality
1:00 minute Row: Increase Intensity on Each Set
10 Cossack Squats
30 second Glute Bridge Hold
10 Behind the neck elbow punch throughs
1 “Barbell Complex”
“Barbell Complex” equals the following
3 Clean Grip Deadlift
3 Hang Clean High Pulls
3 Hang Muscle Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Push Press
10 Behind the Neck Elbow Punch Through

We will give you time to warm up to higher percentages for this clean and jerk in the workout.
The focus of the workout is the lifting piece so don’t go too light on it. That’s a total of 24 clean and jerks over both sets of this at a pretty high percentage. Think of this as a lifting day with some rowing in between your lifts.

Every 15:00 minutes, 2 Sets (30:00 minutes Total)
30/24 Calorie Row
6 Clean and Jerks @ 75%
20/16 Calorie Row
4 Clean and Jerks @ 80%
10/8 Calorie Row
2 Clean and Jerks @ 85%
% Based on 1-Rep Clean and Jerk

Time Domain: 7:00-10:00 minutes/ Set
Time Cap: 12:00 minutes/ Set
Primary Objective: Complete each set as fast as possible