Thursday February 16th


1:00 PVC Pass Throughs


Every 2 Minutes for 8 Minutes

8/6 Bike Calories

6 S-Arm DB Power Clean>Squat Clean*

20 Single Unders>Double Unders**

**Snatch Positional work w/ Empty Barbell

High Pull

Power Position


Power Snatch


EMOM 10 Minutes
1 Power Snatch @ 70-80%

:40 WOD
AMRAP 6 Minutes
4 S-Arm DB Squat Cleans 70/50lbs
12 Push Ups
24 Double Unders

Target Score: 4+ Rounds


– S-Arm DB Squat Clean: Scale weight before reps. If the dynamic extension and

pull under the DB is limiting, scale to a goblet squat.

– Double Unders: Should be no longer than :30, have athletes accumulate :30 of

doubles each round or :30 of singles.