Friday February 17th

It’s Open Season. Check for the workout of the day

There is a longer post on the facebook page but here is the lowdown

-have fun!

-Know the workout before you get here if you are registered. That’s your responsibility as much as it the coaches.

-regular class times at 5am, 6am, 9am, 10am. The workout will be the open workout. If you ARE NOT signed up for the open its just another day of working out. You don’t need a judge to count for you. Come in and get your workout done. If you are signed up we will pair up and have judges.

-NO OPEN WODS during open gym hours if you are registered. I won’t validate any scores of open wods done during open gym. Be part of a class or friday night lights. It’s cool. Be part of the community

-FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!! The best time to do the open workout is Friday night. Bring family, friends and food and drink. We will put up barriers around the workout floor and run heats of the open, complete with judges, until everyone is done. Gym opens at 4, last heat is 6:30

-Let’s not drag this into Monday with 2nd,3rd and 4th attempts. If you miss class Friday you can do the open Wod Saturday from 8am to 10am or Sunday from 9am to 10am but YOU are responsible for arranging a judge. Don’t message the coaches and ask them to come in off normal hours. They all already put a lot of free time into the gym and like i said i wont validate scores of wods done off hours.

-Don’t do anything to hurt yourself. You’re at the gym to make life better outside the gym.

-if you make it to next round of the open (i believe its the top 10 percent) we will accommodate those workouts as they tend to take up more space and be a little more complicated and might need some time/space set aside.