Thursday April 23rd


Thursday April 23rd

Start today off with a short run- 5 minutes, stop every minute and do 10 airsquats

Then go into this run workout
7 sets of 200m sprints with a minute rest between. These won’t be an all out sprint… especially on the last few sets but keep the pace ups
*Not everyone loves running, thats ok, run these 200’s a little faster than you would in regular CrossFit workout. The idea is to get you used to pushing a little harder on your runs during workouts, we aren’t trying to make you marathon runners.

Take time to recover then get into this wod

10 Minutes Amrap
10 Deadlifts with single or double dumbells, or 10 barbell deadlifts at a little heavier weight if you have it 185/125
30 Doulbes or jumping jacks

Rest 5 Minutes
10 Minutes Amrap
10 Goblet sqauats with one dumbbell or 10 light barbell squats (if you only have heavy weights change the reps to 5)
30 Doubles or jumping jacks

Extra core work
3 Rounds
33 Sit ups
33 Russian twists
33 candlesticks as high as you can get feet