Thursday April 19th

Don’t forget what your CrossFit heroes are doing to get where they are. They earned those spots.

Warm Up
500 Meter Row
30 OHS with a pvc
Grab an empty for
0-2 minutes 5 power position snatch
2-4 minutes 5 Hang Snatches
4-6 Minutes 5 Full snatches Or power plus overhead squats

Take 20 minutes to build up to a heavy 3 rep (dont put the bar done) max hang snatch, power or full or a combo of both
sets would like
3,3,3,3,3,3 Starting at 40 percent and going up by 10 percent each one until the last set

Wod 1-
7 Minutes
7 snatches (from the ground) 135/95
7 Rower Cals or 7 bike cals

Rest 4 minutes

Wod 2
7 minutes
7 Front squats (same weight as above)
7 Burpees over your bar