Sunday July 29th

Tampa Bay Games Practice-
TEAMS OF 4 today, try to get your original team in here if you are competing.

10 Min AMRAP- WOD 1

Buy In:  Females Complete 500m Ski/Males Complete 500m Ski (CHANGE TO ROWER, 1 REGISTERED FULL TEAM CAN USE THE SKIER)

30 Synchronized Dumbbell Snatches (Elite 70/50) (RX, Int, Mas 50/35) (Novice 35/25)

20 Bar Muscle Ups – one athlete works at a time (Int/Mas Pull Up) (Novice Ring Row)

30 Synchronized Burpees

20 Bar Muscle Ups

*All athletes may move together as long as they remain in their designated 6ft lane. If you complete the second round of bar muscle ups, you will start back with dumbbell snatches.

Ski Erg – Females will complete their 500M ski first. Athletes can switch out anytime. Males will complete their 500M ski once the females have completed theirs. Athletes must rack the handles safely on the ski ergs.


12 Min AMRAP:

Women work for 6 Min/ Men work for 6 Min: 2 Score Event

40 Deadlifts (Elite 315/205) (RX 225/155) (Int/Mas 185/135) (Novice 135/95)
40 Wall Balls (Elite/RX 30/20) (All others 20/14) Target Height: 10/9
40 Dumbbell Power Cleans (Elite 70/50) (RX/INT/Mas 50/35) (Novice 35/25)
40 Box Jumps (Elite/RX 30/24) (All others 24/20)
40 Dumbbell Thrusters

  • Both women will start on the floor for the first 6 minutes. One athlete on the floor will work at a time.
  • Both athletes’ reps count toward the totals. There will be a tag required when switching working athletes.
  • If you complete the 40 dumbbell thrusters prior to the time cap, you will start back with the deadlifts.
  • Each team will have 1 Olympic bar with the female starting weight on the bar. At the 6-minute mark, the men may enter the floor and all athletes may work to change the barbell to the male weight. The women will exit the floor once the bar is set for men. The men will start their portion at the deadlifts. The women’s total reps will be 1 score, and the men’s total reps will be one score.



5 min running clock

(Elite 225/155) (RX 185/125) (Mas/Int 135/95) (Novice 95/65)

Min 1: Female 1 Min Max Effort Cleans
Min 2: Female 1 Min Max Effort Clean & Jerks
Min 3: Weight and Barbell Transition
Min 4: Male 1 Min Max Effort Cleans
Min 5: Male 1 Min Max Effort Clean & Jerks