Saturday July 28th

8am Endurance
Its 400 time
400’s are fast! This is not a jog, if you can talk more than a couple words, you are going too slow BUT REMEMBER, you are trying to hold the same fast pace for all the intervals. Don’t go too fast on the first two!
Hate running do 6×400 with 90 seconds rest
tolerate running do 8×400 with 90 seconds rest
Love running 10×400 with 90 seconds

9am Mobility

10am Grid Style Chipper, PARTNERS
(open gym attendees, we will be taking up a lot of space with class, we will leave the platforms open and there will be space outside, we are using all the rowers and bikes though)
***Line up equipment before we start, it goes, wall ball, rower, kettle bells, push ups, slam balls, squats with slam balls, bike
Starting at the wall-
100 wall balls
Row 80 Calories
80 Kettlebell swings
100 Push ups
80 slam balls
80 squats with slam ball
50 Bike Cals.

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