Sunday February 18th

Lets take our Fitness outside In front of the building- Teams of 2
Wod 1
10 Minute Amrap
7 Slam Balls
7 Squats with your slam ball
run to the cones, run back and tag your partner in

Wod 2-
12 Minutes- ONe partner works at at a time
12 Thrusters 95/65  (no dropping your bar on the concrete) Split how you want
12 Calories on the rower
(think of your strategy for this… does one partner stay on the rower for a few rounds.. do you switch every round….. hhhmmmmm you decide…)

Wod 3- Mash up!!!!
12 minutes as many rounds as possible! one partner working at a time.. do the run together!
7 slam balls
7 squats with your slam ball
7 thrusters 95/65
7 caloires on the rower
Run to the cones together