Saturday February 17th

8 Am Enduracne
1600M Row
1 Mile Run
80 Cal Bike
*Clock starts, complete in whatever order you want to to complete in.

9am- Mobility with Coach Amanda- You know you need to be there…….

10am Partner Chipper wod- Split work how you want
35 Minute Cap
2000 M. row
2 sled push (down to cones and back twice)
100 Slam Balls
2 Sled Push
80 Kb Swings
2 Sled Push
60 Burpees
2 Sled Push
40 Clean and Jerks 135/95
2 Sled Push
20 Front rack lunges
2 Sled push
10 High fives… give you parnter 10 high fives if you finish this wod.