Sunday December 1st

Time to work off that Turkey

Partner Wod Chipper, can be done in any order but you must finish one movement before you move to another. choose your game plan wisely for what order you are doing this in.. try to alternate a pushing movement with a pulling movement
40 Minute cap
100 rower cal
100 bike cals
1000m ski erg (this will be tricky because there is only 1, but if its open, jump on it)
1000 M run together (run to where the cable company vans are parked, two buildings before the post office)
100 Slam ball over your shoulder 50/30
100 squats with your slam ball 50/30
100 dumbbell snatches 50/30 Rx plus is 70
100 single arm dumbbell hang clean and jerk
100 doubles or 300 singles
100 Ring rows (everyone does ring rows, no pull ups today)
100 burpees