Saturday November 30th

8am Endurance: 2 options
** if you can not run, we have subs for that. don’t avoid this workout if you are currently unable to run.
Option 1
Run 1 hour straight.. whatttttt?? don’t worry we can scale by time starting with 20 minutes of run/walk for beginners. 20 to easy try 30… or 40.. or 50.. you get the picture. This is meant to be a slow pace! Don’t sub out 20 minutes of fast running if you know you could do 40 minutes at a slower pace. It’s two different things.


Famous Train Harder Triathlon v 2.0
1500M row
1 Mile Run
20 cal bike
1000m Row
800m Run
25 cal bike
500M row
400m Run
30 cal bike

9am Mobility

10am Workout:
Warm Up:
4 mins Run(800m)-Bike-Row
2 Rounds:
10 Sit-ups
10 Lunges
1x Burgener warm-up W/Empty Bar

4 rounds for time of:
600m Run
25m Dumbbell Lunge 50/35
20 Sec L-Sit Or Bar Hang
–Coaches Notes–
This one is going to take a bit, so get yourself ready to grind it out. A goal time for this should be around 25 minutes or to keep it under 30 minutes. The first 2 sections will have those legs burning but then we get off them on that L-Sit or Bar Hang souse that time well. Once we get off those 20seconds get yourself outside to start that run again, even if it to walk the corner.

4 rounds for time of:
600m Run I go You Go (Partner 1 will Hold DB while the other runs)
50m Dumbbell Lunge 50/35
20 Sec LSit Or Bar Hang (Partner 1 will Hold Squat while the other hangs)

**Optional Accessory Work**
Option 1:
Medicine Ball Clean (Video Posted Below)
1×100 at 20/14
INT-75 Reps BEG-50 Reps 14/12
Option 2:
Row Calorie:
2 Rounds
Row for 1:15 min
Rest 3 mins between rounds.
Score is the total reps performed in all of the intervals.