Sunday December 15th

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Warm Up:
5 min Run (800m)-Bike-Row
2 Runds:
2 Turkish get-up Right Arm
2 Turkish get-up Left Arm
5-7 Pull-ups (chest-to-bar, chin-over-bar, or ring rows)
5-7 Toes-to-Bar Or Knee Raises Or Sit-Ups
1x Burgener warm-up

Teams of 2:
200 Wall Balls 20/14
150 AbMat Sit-ups
50 Strict Ring Dips INT/BEG-Other Progression or Bench Dips
40 Push Jerks 155/105 INT-135/95 BEG/95/75
30 Bar Muscle-ups INT/BEG-Other Pull Up Progression +Dip Combo
–Coaches Notes–
The work should be split as even as it can be between the 2 of you. There might be some movements where one of you agrees to do a little more than the other but again try to keep it even throughout the whole workout. The workout should take the of you around 20 minutes Make sure your transitions are nice and fast and you aren’t over pulling for reps when a “rested” partner could be going through reps as well. If you are at different progressions with some of the movements still use the same rep count. Same with the barbell, if ne needs a lighter bar try to compromise to one weight and use one barbell best you can.