Monday December 16th


Monday December 16th

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Warm Up:
5 min Bike or Row
5 Rounds
10m High Knees
10m Butt Kicks
6 Jumping Squats
6 Leg Swings Each Leg
50m run (increase acceleration each time)

Run: 10x 100m
Rest as needed between efforts.
–Coaches Notes–
Find yourself a partner with this, maybe someone to help push you to REALLY sprint these out. What makes friendships stronger than a good foot race? For those who need a substitution for running the run will turn into 10x100m Row Sprints instead, same rules apply. Those running your SPRINTS should take no more than 30 seconds, try your best to stay on the lower side of 20 seconds. It does say rest as needed but make sure you don’t take too long of a break that you cool down at all for the next effort. Keep the rest around the same time for as many rounds as you can.

Strength work
Its always good to squat. DO YOUR SPRINTS FIRST!!
Come back in and hit 4 sets of 10 back squats at 60 percent of your 1rm. Your legs should be toasted after today.

**Optional Accessory Work**
Option 1:
Russian Twist
Rest as Needed Between Sets
Option 2:
Box Jump-You Pick Height
20-30 QUALITY Reps.
Accumulate 20-30 reps. Not for time. The focus is explosive power. Step down each time to help recover for your next explosive rep. Height should be challenging, yet appropriate. AGAIN These are not for time.