Sunday August 27th

Sunday Funday

Teams of 3-
Wod 1-
9 minutes of max wall balls
one team members works, one holds a kettle bell, one rests (every time the kettle bell touches the ground its a 5 burpee penalty for the entire team)

Wod 2-
12minute amrap (we will do this outside so DONT park out back)
6 DB snatches
3 burpee box jumps (sub out just burpees if you are burpeely challenged, we want to keep these rounds quick)
100m sprint
Tag your partner in and they go, each person finishes a round before the next goes. if you are doing this right, each round should take about 30-45 seconds per person

Wod 3-
on 3…2….1 go team carries a bar/weights and slam ball to the front of the building

Team performs

80 power cleans first
100 slam balls second

Then run your team and equipment back in the gym.. clock stops when all your equipment is put away in right spots