Saturday August 26th

8AM (gym is open 8 to 11 for open gym as well)

Endurance- Sprints
8-10 400m sprints on the post office road
6  500m sprints on the rower. rest to work ratio is 1 to 1 on the rower. This is a lot harder than looks as long as you are truly giving max effort each round.

9am- Mobility with Amanda

10am Chipper Saturday

Alternate between partners. One exercises whilst the other holds plate. Switch off whenever you want

Partner A:

  • 100 Double unders (200 Singles)
  • 50 Pull ups
  • 100 Lunges holding slam ball (30/20)
  • 50 weighted Situps with a slam ball 30/20
  • 100 Slam Balls (30/20)
  • 50 weighted situps with a slam ball
  • 100 Lunges holding slam ball
  • 50 Pull ups
  • 100 Double unders

Person B:

Holds plate overhead (15 / 10 kg)


Open gym ideas-
Push, pull, flip, hammer
push the sled, pull the sled with a rope, flip the tire the length of parking lot, hammer a tire 40 times


or 100 DB snatches for time, alternating arms

or 10 minutes emom
Even 8 handstand push ups
Odd 12 pull ups