Sunday August 13th

Warm up- row, run or bike. Wods start at 10:15 so have everything ready

Teams of 2-
Wod 1- classic
7 Minutes
Run 800 as a team
with remaining perform power cleans 155/115

Wod 2- 10 minute amrap
5 front squat 135/95
5 burpees over your bar (lateral not facing)

While partner one is doing rounds of the work above, partner 2 is doing 100m farmer carry. Switch when Partner 2 gets back from the carry. Switch where you left off. Communicate

Wod 3
12 Minute Amrap
20 Thrusters 95/65
20 pull ups

*split reps as needed, switch whenever you want.Figure out your best strategy before you start….. AND your pull up spot. One pull up spot per team.