Saturday September 3rd

8am Endurance
9am Crossfit
9am Adult Weightlifting

Teams of 3
Start with 5 minutes of max sandbag cleans over you shoulder, split between the 3 people however you want.. but hopefully equally
Then at the 5 minute mark
Start a 20 minutes amrap
Partner 1 hop on a rower (for meters)
Partner 2 jump on the ski erg (for meters)
Partner 3 Run 200m
At the end of that 20 minute Amrap
perform another 5 minutes of max sandbags over shoulder
*if you are keeping score your score is total meters from run, row, ski so keep track of your runs.
**every sandbag clean counts as 100 meters added onto your total. so they do make a difference in your score, its not just busy work.

CrossFit at 9am
Warm Up
2 Rounds, Teams of 3, Rotating Every Minute
P1: 1:00 Row
P2: 10 Ring Rows
P3: 20 KB Swings

14 minutes amrap
With A Partner, alternating every round
14 DB Snatches 50/35lbs
3 Rope Climbs (Scale to pulls or a number of climbs that take less than a minute
5 burpees
*looking for each partner to get between 6 and 8 rounds in. shoot for two mintues around
5 minute break where you can start loading a bar up
Partner 1 and 2 will find 1 rep max of this complex
clean, hang clean, shoulder to overhead
You can go in any order, you can alternate, you can go up and down in weight.