Saturday October 16th

8am Endurance
Run 5k (or run walk… or sprint/crawl)
Time to get your practice run in for the Bill Sheehan Turkey Sandwich 5k.
Remember test and retest. this is the first the test. 2nd is the actual event which we will be holding at the gym because that actually worked out better than meeting at the trail as in years past.

If there are enough people that are interested in getting faster for the Turkey Sandwich 5k I will be happy to post a simple yet effective running program that you can do at home. you only have to run 2 or 3 times a week (and show up for crossfit) and i promise you will get faster.

Hate running? even a better reason to show up today.

9am- solo
Every Minute for 24 Minutes, alternating movements
(8 rounds)
8 Devil’s Presses 50s/35s
15 Toes to Bar
(first minute is devil press, second t2b, third rest)

Feel: Muscular Overload
Pacing: Reach/Sustain
Target Score: Finish all 8 Rounds with appropriate modifications if needed
Firebreather Score: Finish all 8 Rounds as written

  • DP: Reduce weight before reps. Some athletes will require 1-2 fewer reps to finish all 8 sets.
  • T2B: 1-3 Sets. Reduce reps for less proficient athletes, but keep in mind the following minute is a rest station.

Coach Focus: For many, this workout will essentially be 2 minutes of work followed by 1 minute of rest. Push your athletes to move faster than they want to, especially on the Devil’s Presses. Slow Devil’s Presses won’t get it done today.