Friday October 15th


Friday October 15th

What is a shoulder swimmer
click the link
Shoulder Swimmers – YouTube

Warm up
3 Rounds*
6 Push Up
10 Air squats
200 m run. speed up your run every round

Rope Climb Skill
1×3 Seated Footlock
1×3 Seated Footlock+Stand
then, 1-3 rope climbs
Already have rope climbs, time to try legless, or try to make it in 2 pulls, or try L-sit legless
There is always something to learn and practice

Check out this rope climb teaching progression
Team Misfit Gyms on Instagram: Rope climb progression

The crossing of the shins is exaggerated and as you become more efficient you won’t have to cross that much to get the foot lock in but its and excellent way to learn.

AMRAP 27 Minutes, alternating full rounds with a partner:
6 Box Jump Overs 24/20
4 Clean and Jerk 135/100lbs
2 Rope Climbs (or 5 pulls) Or 1 climb.. or a couple half climbs if you are still getting used to this

Feel: Gas
Pacing: Sustain
Target Score: 16-20 Rounds (as a team)
Firebreather Score: 20-27 rounds (close to an EMOM)


  • Box Jump Overs: Should be a tall jump that requires a lot of explosiveness, but should not slow them down too much.
  • Clean and Jerk: Looking for touch and go for the entire workout. Scale the weight to allow for 4 touch and go clean and jerks
  • Rope Climbs: Should not exceed :40 in any round. Reduce reps to 1, alternate between 2/1 every round, perform 5 pulls, or 8 chest to bar pull ups per set of 2 climbs (should be 1-2 sets).


5 Rounds
Ski 200m
5-15 Deficit HSPU 4/2″
Rest 2:00