Saturday November 6th

This one will get you. There is no rest.
For scoring on this, we will do total meters accumulated. On your whiteboards keep track of your runs in one column and meters on machines in the other then add them up at the end

30 minutes-
15 minutes on ski for meters
15 Minutes on a rower for meters.
Partner 1 starts on a machine, partner 2 goes out for a 400m run. When partner 2 gets back you switch place.
total Meters will keep track of themselves on the machines so DONT reset your machine. Mark your runs off on your white board.


10 Rounds for time of:

10/8 Calorie bike
10 KB Swings 53/35lbs
then in the remaining time:
Find a 1RM Shoulder to OH from the rack

Athletes may start finding their 1RM when they have completed the 10 round workout, but must complete all 10 rounds before doing so. There is no time cap on the 10 round portion.