Saturday November 5th

40 Minutes of work (20 minutes one machine, 20 minutes on another machine)
teams of 2. DOES not matter what machine you start on
Partner 1- row or ski for meters
Partner 2- Run 400m
*switch when the runner gets back
at 20 minutes change machine

9am CrossFit
Teams of 4.

For Time
Teams of 4, Rotating stations each minute until all is complete or hit time cap. Communicate your reps to each other. you will need a whiteboard to keep track of where you are
400 Calorie Machine
300 DB Snatch 53/35lbs
250 Bench Press 135/95lbs Rest (or other weight
Time Cap 30 Minutes
*Athletes begin at different stations and work all at once with one resting. Once a station is completed, it becomes another rest station.