Saturday May 16th


Saturday May 16th

Endurance- Straight from the running expert Chris Henshaw

800m at moderate pace- rest 60 seconds
400m at moderate pace – rest 60 seconds
600m at moderate pace
Rest 3 Minutes
2×400 with 60 second rest between (moderate pace)
4X200 with 60 second rest between (fast pace)
Rest 2 more minutes
4×200 moderate pace- 30 seconds rest
8×100 fast pace -30 seconds rest

Wod- do the endurance or the wod or both. That’s about 3 miles of running above though

16 Minutes Amrap
10 Burpees (push for 10 a minute)
10 hang cleans 95/65 or DB hang cleans with single DB (5 each arms)
10 push press 95/65 or db push press with a single DB, 5 each arm