Saturday June 11th

VICTORIA’S HANDSTAND CLINIC IS AT 10AM TODAY. all skill levels welcome! she will go through the all the progressions and give you skill work to do to get those handstand holds and walks

8am endurance
Waterfall-is style workout. teams of 5- all teammates except the person on “rest” will start at 3…2…1 go.
45 Minute amrap
Run 400m

At 3.2.1 go 4 of the teammates will start at a station. When the runner comes back is when you switch spots. so runner goes to bike, bike goes to ski, ski goes to row and row goes to rest. Score is meters if you are keeping track, dont forget to mark your runs. 1 mile equals 1600 m on the bike


Warm up-
3 rounds
5 burpees to a 6″ targe
10 ring rows
5 empty bar cleans (add weight each round

Wod 1
4 rounds for time
Run 400
10 Burpee pull ups

4 Rounds for time
10 Hang power cleans 185/135 (should be 2 sets, or maybe 3 in the last rounds)
10 Deadlifts 185/135 (supposed to be light and use the same bar)
10 burpees over your bar

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