Saturday July 7th

8am Endurance- Partner Endurance
Pick your poison- Bike or Rower
35 Minutes, as many calories as possible.
1 person bikes or rows,
1 person runs 600 (the end of the sidewalk)
Switch off and on.
Score is calories +every run counts as 10 points. so mark your runs when you get in.

9 am Mobility

10am Partner Chipper
500 Meters sled push, switch whenever you want, Down and back is 100m
100 Wall Balls
500 Meter Run (both Partners) with the heaviest slam ball you can find. switch the ball whenever you want (run 400, then a quick 100 when you get back.
100 DB Snatches (split how want)
500 Meter Rower Sprint (1 person finishes their entire 500m then the next person goes, don;t go to the next movement until both have rowed 500M)
100 Slam balls over the shoulder
500 Meter Ski erg… total.. split how you want

*Run to the ski erg when it is open, at anytime during the wod.. you can start with it if you want… if there are a lot of teams waiting for it at the end do 40 cals on the bike)

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